"Damian is a natural with horse speak"
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Based in Mold in North Wales 20 minutes from Chester, Outlaw Horsemanship offers full training facilities and accommodation for horses in full-time training. We can also travel to you to give one, two or three day training sessions in the comfort of your own yard. 

By helping you and your horse overcome any problems you may be facing we can give you the right tools and knowledge to deal with these problems in the future. Even though you may not feel as though you have an issue with your horse your relationship can always be improved upon, and reach a whole new level of communication that you never thought was possible. Not through lessons or procedure but through intuition, feel and energy we can create something special.

For every on there is an off, for every action there is a reaction and for every pressure there is a release. We concentrate on the strength and timing of these releases as within these lie the secret of gaining your horse's trust and understanding.