Kevin Taylor lives in North Wales near Caernarfon is also part of the Outlaw Horsemanship team. He is currently in his second year of a horse logging apprenticeship run by the British Horse Loggers Charitable Trust. He works with professional horse loggers up and down the UK that are members of the British horse Loggers and he has a real passion for using horses for work. Kevin personally owns a gypsy cob, Bill, who he trained to pull timber and for harrowing his smallholding. Bill also takes the place of a tractor and can be seen moving all sorts of things up and down the the hills around his farm and down to the local village.

It was when Kevin was working on a project, a shire cross cob, Seth, to use for work along with as riding that he met Damian. The shire cross was not well trained and needed a lot of work under the issues he had. This led Kevin to involve Damian in the rehabilitaion when they realised that their style was very similad, with the same feel and understanding, and the same basic approach to grass roots training. Since then, the pair have worked on numerous horses together. Kevin also has a round pen at his yard and uses this as a crucial tool in building trust and overcoming problems.

Kevin is able to help clients with:

Long reigning 

Getting a horse used to harness 

Starting a horse pulling 


Driving a trap

Contact Kevin Taylor: 07795 262818