"Often it takes great courage to be gentle"  


Working alongside OH and branching out the services we offer, we have teamed up with like minded professionals who follow and live within the OH way of thinking.  These professionals continue the foundation training principles into their work with the horse.  Meaning the horse and owner receive the highest possible service. 

DAMIAN JONES who has trained in the USA with a John Lyons certified trainer and in Germany and the UK with natural horsetrainers in the race industry has developed his horsemanship skills over the past 12 years using techniques that have been passed on and some of his own original ideas. Damian rides part-time with the Knights of the Damned jousting stunt team nationwide when his schedule allows. He has backed and brought on over 200 horses and worked with many so called problem horses and maintains the philosophy that the horse wants and needs to be balanced mentally and emotionally and its our job to assist them in reaching this goal. He draws inspiration from the Native American mindset to horses and animals in general. This mindset being that we work in partnership with our horses and become one. We must operate without ego and without human result driven agendas, to allow our minds to be open enough to take the path that each individual horse must follow.


LAUREN MELLOR event organiser

Lauren looks after the events and shows that outlaw attend. She also runs the website and social media. She has been involved with horses for over 15 years and with Outlaw since the beginning. If you are interested in talking with her regards Outlaw performing at a show, workshop, clinic or demo then please get in touch. Also if you require horses for, TV, film or any media event then 
Lauren is the lady to talk to.

DEANA VAN DER MOLEN brings the spiritual feel to Outlaw Horsemanship through her unique feel, intuition and calmness. She has a unique connection with horses and they respond to her spirit and openness. A valued member of the team she will be appearing at some of this years shows as part of Outlaw Horsemanship.



Deanna Shunkaha Wanagiwin is a Lakota Sioux Indian, her family are from  

the Red Shirt Table and live on the Pineridge Indian Reservation, South  


Deanna travels across Europe sharing her Rich Heritage, this includes:  

story telling, talking about life for the Lakota people in the past  

during the Bufallo days and life in the present on the reservations,  

Deanna shares a collection of Traditional songs and gives excellent  

traditional dance displays and also talks about Lakota Philosophy,  

spirituality and the amazing relationships and bonds of Lakota  


Deanna has given presentations for many Museums across Europe and has  

also helped as an advisor to Museums displaying American Indian  


Deanna worked with the U.S. Forces teaching cultural tollerance and  

helps them prepare to celebrate American Indian Heritage month and has  

been Decorated by the U.S.Army for Excellence and has also been made an  

Honorary member of the 351st Air Refuelling Squadron A.S.A.F.  


Deanna is  a competition dancer and judge in America, Canada and Europe  

and has won Women's Northern Traditional, Fancy Shawl and Switch dance,  

dance competitions. 

Deanna is  Beadworker and maker of Artifacts and has items worn and  

displayed all around the world. 

Deanna Shunkaha Wanagiwin is proud to bring her rich Heritage and open  

a small window of insight into the the otherwise forgotten, very  

misrepresented and misunderstood American Indian culture which is just  

as alive today as it ever was, as Deanna famously says 

 "we are still here".