Danny is a super sensitive boy that came in for backing and he did really well with his foundation program. In the wrong hands Danny would have really struggled as he needed an extra gentle touch.



With owner Mel.


Sam came in for fulltime training after having problems under saddle.



Two shires in full time training for starting under saddle.



Fresian under saddle 




These mares are all coming in to be started under saddle. They are completly untouched and range in ages from 3 to 7. Quite a challenge. First of all we have to catch them!!!! but once the hardest part of getting a head collar on them and getting them where we want them is done then their training should progress pretty quick as we dont have to undo any bad habits or problems.



With Kath 

Grace had some issues under saddle and we are helping her and kath through them. They are both doing great. 



Pony with Daisy 

Learning good all round horsemanship.


Isabella is learning good all round horsemanship.


Henrietta has just started a full foundation horsemanship package for both horse and owner.


With owner Julie 

Cody is in training for bucking a few of his riders off, and problems this has led to both physically and emotionally for him


With owner Louise.

Lincoln unfortunately lost an eye in an accident and has a few issues with his personality which need addressing.


With rider Megan

Both in training for some all round horsemanship


With Sonia

Magic is being started under saddle in the full foundation training program.



With owner Trudy in Chester

Trudy is dedicated to giving Max the best possible start in life. They are both recieving one to one lessons with Damian at their yard in Chester. We are focusing on getting them both up to speed with all the groundwork exercises that will put a great foundation on youngster Max for when he is started under saddle next year. Both are doing great and enjoying their horsemanship progress.   



Joy with horses in Aberystwyth 

Joy came to Outlaw Horsemanship as a client wanting to improve their horsemanship skills. She later became a student at the yard on a 'work to learn' basis. Committing herself to learning the techniques and mindset that Damian utilises. She is gaining experience all the time, by seeing first hand horses of all levels and problems that come through their foundation training, she is able to not only work her own horses but also help friends with advice and guidence too. So well done Joy.



Owner Nedo Barmouth, Wales.

Gypsy a lovely 4 year old coloured mare was lightly backed by us last year and is continuing her training with home visits. Nedo is a bit of an adventurer and plans to travel with Gypsy across Ireland next year. So really it's a case of getting her used to as many stimulus as possible as she will encounter many challenging situations during her future travels. She is doing really well so far and Nedo is enjoying the natural way of working with his horse. 



Owners Elaine and Koren, Old Colwyn North Wales

All four horses are in part time training with Damian at the owners yard in north wales and are a mixture of ages and temprements. The horses are all getting a tune up, while the owners are working on their horsemanship skills and showing a great understanding of some new techniques and exercises that are getting great results. Gus is getting ready for a future of shows and competition so watch out for future posts.   




Owner Bev, Flintshire 

Lakota has just started her full foundation training program. She is a beautiful untouched 3 year old mare and has a great working temperament. Video to follow. Lakota is in full time training at her yard in Flintshire.  




Owners Ann and Charlie, Denbigh 

Jess has just started her full foundation training program. She is a loverly untouched 6 year old mare and has a real fantasic outlook on life. Video to follow soon so watch this space. Currently in full time training at yard in Flintshire. 





Owners Nicci and Kath, Cheshire

Uno is strong willed two year old full of character and can be quite testing at times. He will certainly ask questions if he thinks your not up to the task. Kath who had little experience with horses before we got involved has really stepped up to the plate and is answering his questions with confidence but in a non confrontational way. Through exercises for both horse and owner they are well on the way to establishing a strong training foundation. Kath, Nicci and Uno have lessons with Damian at their yard in Cheshire.   





Baby lucy is not yet a year and she chose us as her new home. She is the sweetest little filly with a really good mind for work. Her training will begin soon and will be used for demos and clinics in the future.